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Go from stressed out to confident, and find out exactly how to have the engagement and wedding of
YOUR dreams. 

What People Say

Marlee Rabin + Jeremy Langburt

Carrie-Ann helped us make quick decisions, helped us really understand budgets, and how much things cost, and where we can get more value and where we can save... But then the other element is having a coach which is like your big sister who's there for you no matter what, through everything.

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Imagine If...

You were able to clearly communicate your wedding plan to anyone who asked with a single sentence

You had the confidence to set clear boundaries

All of the pressure to plan the perfect wedding was lifted - and instead, you were only focused on planning your dream wedding

You had a "big picture" view of your wedding...

Were confident you understand your budget...

and this made all your decisions about details a snap

All of the stress to please everyone around you disappeared...

You could actually enjoy being engaged.

What People Say

"Wonderful, patient, and understanding…
Carrie-Ann's one-on-one is magical."

Jodi Tellier



Then this is for you.  Here’s why!

You’ll discover something really meaningful about you and your partner as a couple – which a lot of people don’t discover until after the wedding (and it’s the reason their first year of marriage often sucks).


You’ll have the perfect comeback for the inquiring minds that want to know WTF your wedding plan is.


You’ll go from feeling totally stressed to totally blissed out about your wedding.

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Inside this offer, you'll get...

  • A discovery questionnaire to prep you (and your partner) for our awesome 1:1 call


  • A 90-minute coaching call with me where I’ll bring my 15+ years wedding planning experience and soothing yoga teacher vibes to the table for you

  • Your custom wedding anchoring statement delivered within 48 hours of that call, as well as a recording of the call, and my notes with strategic advice for your next steps


  • Bonus: You’ll receive a $350 discount on The Journey or The Joy Ride when you decide to continue our work together!

About Me


I’m a wedding coach and planner, and I have over fifteen years’ experience in the wedding industry.


I am a firm believer that your wedding journey should be blissful. Because I’ve had the half-an-Ativan + a glass of Chardonnay to survive experience, and I want better for you!


Your wedding is about more than the day – which is why I want to help you starting right now. But the wedding day itself? It should be reflective of who you are as a couple – not what everyone else wants it to be.

What People Say

Thank you so much for all you did for us at our wedding and leading up to it. It was such a reassurance having your calm demeanor and your incredible advice. Every interaction we had left me feeling more at ease, and other than deciding to marry each other, you were the best decision we made!

Jaime Moar + Duncan McKenna

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Q: What if I’m not sure when the wedding will be?

A: I will help you get clarity around what you truly desire, and figure out an action plan to get there (even if it’s a plan to have a plan). It doesn’t make sense to wait to get on the same page as your partner. I’ll help you get there now, so you can present a united front to all the people peppering you with suggestions.


Q: Can my parents/in-laws join the call?

A: No. This is about you and your partner stepping into your own as a family unit. Your parents will always be your family, but the wedding isn’t about them (even if they’re paying for it).

Q: What if my partner isn’t into it?

A: Many of my clients prefer a 1:1 call to a 2:1 call, and that’s absolutely fine. When you fill out the questionnaire, you’ll see there is just one question your partner needs to answer (and it’s a really easy one).

Q: How do I actually use my anchoring statement?

A: Your anchoring statement will shape all of your plans, and gives you a quick answer to any question you receive. It’s like a gut-check – does this feel right for our wedding? Your anchoring statement keeps you from wasting money on vendors and ideas that aren’t a good fit, and helps you and your partner stay centered and on the same page.



$350 CAD
(taxes included)

What People Say

"It was SUPER helpful. Carrie-Ann was absolutely right, like hit the nail on everything! She described me and my fiancé to a T, like 1000/10! And she's super super sweet!!"

Kiki Tjerge

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