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The relaxed, guided wedding planning experience for socially, conscious couples. Savour every minute of your engagement, and show up to your wedding knowing every single detail has been handled for you.

"Having Carrie-Ann on the team for our wedding – with her wisdom and experience, her wit and empathy – was an absolute life-saver for us. At first we were fairly hesitant to engage a wedding planner, worrying that doing so might dilute our vision for the wedding, or steer us in directions that didn't feel right to us; but nothing could have been further from our experience working with Carrie-Ann. Right from the beginning, she was deeply attentive to our needs and our priorities while still bringing a drive and motivation to the table, without which we would have been adrift. Carrie-Ann helped us to flesh out what we wanted and what we didn't, wrangling our sometimes unruly ideas into solid, actionable plans, always pushing things forward without making us feel pushed around. It took so much more than we had expected to put this kind of event together, and Carrie-Ann's expertise was honestly our saving grace. She was also genuine and hilarious, someone by whom we felt seen and understood, with whom we could be honest and open about the whole process, and in whom we could put our complete trust when it came to running the event itself. We couldn't have been happier with how our wedding turned out, and we're so grateful to Carrie-Ann for helping us get there."

What People Say

From stressed out to blissed out

You've watched your friends become balls of anxiety about their wedding, and miss out on the opportunity to use this time to get even closer to your partner.

I help my clients establish a shared wedding vision, and set you up to share the mental load of wedmin (wedding admin - and don't worry, I'll set you up with all the templates and processes you need to make it smooth sailing!)... setting you up for a successful marriage in the process.

And when it comes to your families, I'll guide you through communicating in challenging situations and setting boundaries, all while making sure they also feel valued and included. But - a boundary that I have is that your parents don't get to talk to me... or to any of your vendors. This is for the best for your supplier relations and for the day to be exactly what you want.

You'll be supported both emotionally and strategically, with food and beverage, design, décor, and technical expertise as I guide you through the wedding planning process and help create an unforgettable event that feels completely representative of who you are as a couple.

You'll have my calm presence in your back pocket the entire time we're planning and Champagne Relaxation scheduled in, so you really do have the chance to soak up the joy of your engagement!

 "I tell everybody this – my favourite part of working together was the Voxer access. Just being able to send a voice note, or write something and get a voice note back… I always knew that you would answer and you always did."

What People Say

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Inside This Offer You'll Get

  • The Jumpstart – a 1:1 coaching experience complete with your wedding anchoring statement, mood board, and budget, so you always stay true to your vision;

  • Guidance with venue selection, including up to three venue visits with me, to help you envision your wedding in the space and make the right decision;

  • A VIP Day where we will:

    • ​Visit your venue and design your floor plan;

    • Co-create a preliminary timeline for the wedding day;

    • Make a plan for planning that respects your busy lifestyle and allows for periods of rest - actual breaks from planning, so you can relax knowing you have nothing on your to-do list for weeks or months at a time.

  • ​​Within a week, you'll receive your custom Road Map, my signature digital dashboard for organizing weddings on the go from start to finish:
    • ​A Trello board with absolutely everything you need to know about what to plan when, links to helpful tools, and vetted vendor referrals with checklists for each one - check out a sample board here;

    • A dynamic budget spreadsheet;

    • All of the templates, spreadsheets, and timelines I use to keep vendors organized on your wedding day, which you'll customize with my help: the procession, reserved seating for your ceremony, itinerary for your chauffeur(s), a schedule for your hair and make up artists, and more.

  • My presence, virtual or in person, at the Six Crucial Vendor Meetings for your flawless event, usually divided as follows (but depending on the plan we make for you, they may be split up differently!)

    • Catering + Bar Consultation (1 meeting) 

    • Decor Consultation: stationery, florals, + tablescape (2 meetings)

    • Design Support: lighting, rentals, + layout for all event spaces (2 meetings)

    • Technical Support: audio, entertainment, and logistics (1 meeting)

  • One year of strategic and emotional support via email and Voxer  Leave me a voice note or a text message anytime, day or night, and I'll get back to you during my next office hours with expert answers and solutions:

    • Send me mood board updates, ideas you saw that you want to incorporate, and vendors you want me to vet before you invest;

    • Email me contracts for review before you sign;

    • Find out if something is worth the price, or if you should keep shopping around;

    • Brainstorm a better idea to replace an antiquated ritual (I love to get creative with you, and problem-solving is my favourite activity!)

    • And get my advice on tricky or emotionally-charged situations with your families and wedding party.
    • Whatever comes up, I'm there to help solve your problem in the moment, so you never feel out-at-sea, wondering if you've considered all your options, or exhausted from the overwhelming amount of information and options at your fingertips.

  • Month of event management and on-site coordination by me

    • Six weeks before your wedding day, I take over the wedding logistics and communication with all of your suppliers;

    • I go over every detail of your event plan to make sure you didn't forget anything crucial (although it's really unlikely, having been by your side from day one!);

    • We'll do a rehearsal of the ceremony so everyone knows ahead of time where they are standing or sitting, and I'll pick up everything you have ahead of time so you don't even have to think about it (ex: guest book, seating cards, favours, menus, table numbers...)

    • On the day itself, I’m on site before your first vendor;

    • I manage staggering the arrivals of your suppliers so that the day-of can be set up efficiently - and I manage their departures so you don’t pay any overtime or cleanup fees;

    • I create ambiance with thoughtful details, taking care to set the spaces up for a refined guest experience, from the tablescape to the lighting;

    • I run the ceremony and reception timelines, with an assistant, while ensuring that your vendors are set up for success, and can do their best work;

    • I manage all of the key moments with the kind of attention to detail I learned working multi six-figure events;

    • And all this, while putting out any fires before you notice them, and taking care of in-the-moment decisions so you can enjoy the emotional experience of your day!

  • Aftercare: I'll follow up with your vendors as needed to ensure you don't pay unnecessary fees and that you get your photos and video in a timely manner.

About Me

With over 17 years' experience in the wedding industry and a podcast about what we need from the future of weddings, you can expect me to share my honest, best advice with you, always.


I am a firm believer that your wedding journey should be blissful. Personally, I’ve had the half-an-Ativan + a glass of Chardonnay to survive experience (and I've witnessed it as the bridal handler for high ticket planners!) and I want better for you.

Your wedding is about more than the day – which is why I want to help you starting right now. But the wedding day itself? It should be reflective of who you are as a couple – not what everyone else wants it to be.

I’ll take the vision from your brain and make it real. You’ll feel more in love, more connected, and more yourself throughout the wedding process, rather than drained, frazzled, and distracted.


What People Say

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Jaime + Duncan

"It was such a reassurance having Carrie-Ann's calm demeanour and incredible advice. Any interaction we had left me feeling more at ease. We’ve said it before but other than deciding to marry each other, you were the best decision we made!"

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Q. Can my parents/in-laws join in on our Zoom calls?

A. While your fiancé is always encouraged to join in on our Zoom sessions, I strongly advise maintaining a boundary between your parents and your wedding plan. This can be really challenging, especially if they are investors in the wedding. But in my experience, this really helps to ensure that you stay true to your vision, while casually throwing me under the bus, like so: "It's not my fault! It's Carrie-Ann's rule." I sign my contract with you, so you are my clients, not your parents. And, if they are investing, I have some ideas about how we can make sure they don't weigh in on the entire experience.

Q. Why don't you contact suppliers on my behalf?

A. The short answer is, it simplifies the planning process by cutting out the middle man. Often, the first few conversations with a supplier involve setting up a time for you to meet them and do a vibe check.

The longer answer is about trust. 


I never take kickbacks from any suppliers. I will only accept a commission when it's of no cost to you, i.e. without my involvement, you would pay the same price (or more).


For example, if you order $5000 of rentals without my help, you will pay $5000 (plus labour, breakage fees, tax, etc.). If I do your rental order for you, you'll still pay $5000 (or less, because I'll help you bring the cost down!), but because I do a lot of the work of the sales representative (choosing quantities, knowing what is needed, and communicating with the caterer to make sure they have the rentals they need) the rental company might give me a commission.


The way most planners work, they call each supplier for you and negotiate the price and terms of your contract, and it's common practice for vendors to offer them a kickback by raising the price. It's them saying to the planner, "This is my price, but I can say it is more so you get something for the referral." 

I don't believe in doing that, and to make sure you know that (and, honestly, just totally simplify the planning process by cutting out unnecessary conversations), you will be the main point of contact with all of your vendors, while I am present for the major milestones.

Q. Do you have a minimum budget requirement to work with you?

A. For this offer, a minimum budget of $85,000 is advised. If you'd like to understand why and discuss options, feel free to email me at or book a chat.



$12,500 CAD + taxes

Paid in four installments spaced evenly between time of booking and event day

Book a discovery call to inquire!

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"THANK YOU for all your guidance and support throughout our wedding planning process! You offered us a safe space to share, brainstorm and vent throughout our journey, and helped us navigate some unexpected challenges... We especially appreciated that you helped us carve out time and space to pause, as newlyweds, and take it all in :) You really helped us create the kind of wedding experience we were seeking – a calm vibe and a day full of love!"

Michael + Lana
by Hey Lover Photography

What People Say

Carrie-Ann helped us establish a realistic budget within our comfort zone, select top vendors, and she coached us through navigating challenging discussions and familial wedding wishes! Covid hit just a few short months before our wedding date and instantly shattered all of our hard work. Carrie-Ann immediately helped us redirect our plan while staying true to our vision and in accordance with the governmental health and safety laws. Our budget and guest list was slashed into 1/4 of its previous size, but Carrie-Ann found a way to make it work for us! She was truly there for both my husband and I equally to ensure that our experience was smooth and that we were both feeling validated and satisfied. When our new wedding day finally arrived, it was nothing short of perfection. The day was smooth, seamless and easy — and Carrie-Ann was the backbone behind this experience. If at any point, we fell behind schedule, Carrie-Ann caught us back up on time without anyone realizing! She was a pure delight to work with, and she helped keep us feeling happy throughout the entire planning process. Not only did I have the wedding of my dreams, by my husband and I gained a friend for life. We both love Carrie-Ann and highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a more engaged and personalized wedding experience.

Marlee + Jeremy
by Christina Esteban Photography
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