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Obtenez exactement ce dont vous avez besoin - des conseils d'experts pour planifier votre événement sans faille en un temps record - sans fioritures.

The Wedding Edit gives you a solid foundation and the resources you’ll need to make wedding planning go smoothly, at a fraction of the price of full-touch service. When I swoop in to take over event management the month-of, there are no surprise expenses or stresses. And on your day, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy, knowing that I’m taking care of everything for you.

What People Say

Marlee Rabin + Jeremy Langburt

Carrie-Ann helped us establish a realistic budget within our comfort zone, select top vendors… and when Covid hit… [she] immediately helped us redirect our plan while staying true to our vision. She was truly there for both my husband and I equally to ensure that our experience was smooth and that we were both feeling validated and satisfied. When our new wedding day finally arrived, it was nothing short of perfection. The day was smooth, seamless and easy — and Carrie-Ann was the backbone behind this experience. She was a pure delight to work with, she helped us save so much money without sacrificing any of the important details, and she helped keep us feeling happy throughout the entire planning process.

Imagine If...

You felt completely confident in your wedding vision, and knew exactly how to talk about it to the people in your life (who have so many opinions)


You had a realistic budget in your comfort zone


You knew which vendors to call, who fit both your desires and your budget


You never felt like you were behind schedule with planning


And you could save your vacation days for after the wedding, because someone else was handling all of the details


Imagine you had someone you trust, who knows your event plan inside out and has your best interests at heart, making it possible for you to be present and enjoy the day!

I couldn’t have done it without you. I had zero stress on my wedding day because I knew everything was taken care of for me. Thank you for reassuring me and letting us fully enjoy our day.

Thank you so much for making the day so perfect; my heart is filled with so much joy. You and your team did an AMAZING job!!!!! I’m so floored, you and your team seriously exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Joanne Spanoudakis + Samuel Morabia

Lourie Contaoe + Jack Kaladjian

What People Say

What You *Really* Need
for a Flawless + True-to-You Event


The Jumpstart - where we establish your vision and your budget ($300 value)

A VIP Day where we will:

  • Visit your venue 

  • Make a plan for planning - so you know exactly what to do and when

  • And co-create a preliminary timeline for the wedding day

Within a week, I’ll deliver your Road Map including:

  • A detailed account of everything we talked about on your VIP day, and suggestions for moving forward

  • My Planning Files Bundle (the system I use to plan all of my events) customized to your wedding plan ($197 value)

  • Vetted vendor referrals in your price range so you can easily put it all into action

And you’ll also have six weeks of coaching and consultation following delivery of the Road Map (the beloved Voxer office hours my Journey and Joy Ride clients rave about!)

$2000 value (including The Jumpstart + Planning Files Bundle).


Month of event management and on-site coordination by me

Four to six weeks before your wedding day:

  • I take over all logistics, and communicate with all of your suppliers

  • And go over every detail of your event plan to make sure you didn't forget anything crucial 

  • I re-open Voxer access to respond to any last-minute needs, and help keep you calm and happy while handling anything that comes up

On the day itself:

  • I’m on site before your first vendor

  • I manage staggering the arrivals of your suppliers so that the day-of can be set up efficiently - and I manage their departures so you don’t pay any overtime or cleanup fees

  • I run the ceremony and reception timelines, while ensuring that your vendors are set up for success, and can do their best work

  • I manage all of the key moments with the kind of attention to detail I learned working multi six-figure events

  • And all this, while putting out any fires before you notice them, and taking care of in-the-moment decisions so you can enjoy the emotional experience of your day

$3250 value, not sold separately


Total Value: $5250

Your day-of coordination was so valuable. You took care of all the details, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and on schedule. We especially appreciated that you helped us carve out time and space to pause, as newlyweds, and take it all in :) You really helped us create the kind of wedding experience we were seeking – a calm vibe and a day full of love!

Lana Bergmame + Michael Cohen

What People Say

About Me

I’m an enneagram 2w3, and a Taurus sun and moon with Sagittarius rising. In layman's terms? I care deeply about helping people and I want everything to be as organized as humanly possible. If I were a quote from Friends, I'd be, "Rules make the game more fun!" (Monica, obvs.)

I'm also a wedding coach and planner, and my expert insights were honed over seventeen years in the wedding industry. Plus, as a busy entrepreneur and a new mom (who is searching for her dream home!), I know that balancing it all - even when one of the balls you're juggling is "supposed to be fun" - requires a well thought-out plan.


Q: I already have my wedding planned out - I really just need day-of coordination! Do you offer that?

A: I do not offer a bare bones package. Day-of coordination is a misnomer, and I would advise you to steer clear of investing with someone who is spending less than a month with your wedding plan. I also have noticed, in my many years working as an on-site event manager, that the earlier we start working together, the better it is for your event.

Q: What if I have questions during the planning process? Will you be available by email?

A: No, this offer is budget-friendly for you because it is time/energy friendly for me! For more support, check out The Journey.

Q: I’m thinking of eloping/having a micro-wedding (<50 guests)/having a destination wedding - do you have a package for me?

A: The Jumpstart is where every wedding planning adventure begins, and you will be amazed how much we can cover in 90 minutes! For event management for smaller events, custom pricing is available. Please fill out this form to get started.

Q: How many events do you take on?

A: I only take on one event per week, so I am always fully focused on YOU the week of your wedding. I also have scheduled breaks during the wedding season, so that I don’t get burned out. 


Q: I’m getting married in 2024 - what will the price be then?

A: $4200 + tax


Q: Where is this offer available?

A: This offer is available in Montreal and within 2 hours driving distance. Travel fees will be applicable if the event is taking place off the island.


$3950 + tax 

Payment plans available.

There is no penalty for choosing to do The Jumpstart and upgrading -

in that case, the price of The Jumpstart is subtracted from the total.

What People Say

Carrie Ann, what can I possibly say besides thank you. You were a calming presence, and an amazingly organized planner who kept us all in check! It’s not easy to manage three families and a bride and groom but you did so in a way that felt effortless, and the result was a perfect evening for all our families! Thanks for making a very special day go off without a hitch!

Brenda Rosenberg

You were such an amazing help throughout the very short planning phase! Most importantly you were key to running the event smoothly in such a discreet and graceful manner. You were successful in calming me and putting together all the finishing touches beautifully… and all of our guests have been telling us that they were blown away. This was our first time ever using a "party planner" and you really made the experience a positive one.

Andrea + Mark Lieblein

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