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About You

  • You're committed to creating a true-to-you event aligned with your vision, values, and financial priorities

  • You're socially conscious, queer or queer-friendly, and anti-racist

  • You are or are working on being body neutral/positive

  • You want to wake up on your wedding day knowing every single detail has been handled for you, so you can just enjoy your experience

  • You're craving a relaxed and connected wedding planning experience that brings you closer to your partner

How Does Wedding Coaching Work?

The coaching piece always feels challenging to explain, because there are two main aspects to it:

  1. I simplify wedding planning for you so that it doesn’t feel like your full time job. That involves some combination of…

    • Helping you create your dream wedding on the budget you actually have;

    • Looking over your wedding plan and showing you what needs to be adjusted;

    • Designing a Road Map so that you know exactly what to do and when.

  2. I support you and your partner emotionally and with any ish that arises. That might mean…

    • Helping you better communicate based on who you each are (how in depth this goes depends on what you’re willing to share with me about your birth time and place, your neurodiversity, your family dynamics, etc.)

    • Offering you solutions from my years of study in foundational practices of wellness

    • Helping you set boundaries with your family

    • Helping you manage the big feelings that come with wedding planning, including imposter syndrome.

My Background + Expertise

Following my undergrad Honours Degree in Philosophy, I got my MA with the intention of teaching CEGEP. Meanwhile, I worked as a server, bartender, dessert + coffee expert, and floor manager for a catering company. I did two stints in Paris. I became a trauma-informed yoga teacher. And I worked as an event assistant and day-of coordinator to several planners in Montreal. (In fact, I still moonlight with my mentor, the famous, yet under-the-radar beacon of light that is Kristine Goulet.)

I love a brand-new problem to solve, because it means I get to come up with a radical, sparkling new solution. And since every person and every couple is so different, creating that true-to-you event means digging into your values and your vision, and diving into your deepest desires and all the possibilities hidden therein through my signature coaching style.


I use the Socratic method, the Gottman Institute's tools, the full spectrum of yoga teachings, as well as my own years of therapy and vast knowledge of esoteric practices (reading your Human Design and astrological birth charts, maybe the occasional tarot reading, and other intuitive models) to figure out what will really make you both feel blissed out on your wedding day. Then, using my 17 years of event expertise, I create a plan and come up with solutions that are easy to execute, involve both of you, and fit your budget.

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